This course is for you if...

  • You do what “one size fits all” career and self-help resources recommend and don’t see the promised results
  • You are committed to replacing a scarcity mentality with a vision that heals your body, mind, & spirit
  • You are ready to do the internal work to manage external glass ceilings with proven strategies
  • Your aspiration is to prioritize nurturing relationships and prosperity
  • You want to join the efforts of others to challenge inequities and embrace full-hearted lives

About the Instructor

Linda González has a thriving practice as a life coach and facilitative consultant assisting clients discover and reach their precious goals while taking into account the impact of systemic oppression.You can read about her coaching approach, testimonials, and blog at

As a writer and creative being, Linda is a storyteller and uses multiple approaches to engage mind, body, and spirit. Her book The Cost of our Lives is an award-winning memoir. Linda regularly posts on social media on issues of well-being, racial equity, and joy amid the multiple global pandemics of systemic racial injustice, COVID-19, and climate change.

Linda draws on many years of fruitful experience working with diverse individuals and groups in the creative arts, non-profit, educational, health care, corporate, and government sectors. Grounded in multicultural wisdom, her purpose is to inspire people of color to embark on a creative journey of balance and healing for this and future generations.

Her MSW is from the University of Southern California, her MFA in Creative Writing is from Goddard College, and her BA is from Stanford University.

She was raised by her parents in Los Angeles, her father from México and her mother from Colombia. She has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 30 years and is still raising and being raised by her 25-year-old twins.


The worksheets are SO DAMN GOOD.

So complimentary to the book,

they integrate so well with the videos. 

It’s completely wonderful.

C. Stifter, Restorative Exercise Specialist

Certified Personal Trainer

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